Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hey, all! Wow! It's been two years since I've gone to Friendly High School, and I haven't blogged a bit! Well, I thought that it might be cool to leave a message anyway. Even if no one sees it that remembers me. I still have this certificate posted on my wall, as you can see. I'm going to a private school in Fairfax, VA now and it's going great! I love it! It's awesome! It's a lot of hard work, but I'm thriving. I wonder what's been happening at Friendly lately... I checked out Mrs. Totten's class web page (The Intellectual House of Pancakes [and prose]) and she's still going! Hi, Mrs. Totten!!!! I'm in American Literature now, too. Well, I hope all is well

Saturday, May 7, 2011


This picture was either the same or very similar to the ones
used on the tickets.

It's been a month since my last post. (I know I should post more often) I've been really busy lately especially with the play I've recently been in called CHAINS. Now, what really upset me was the fact that I gave out a lot of tickets to my school and only one of my teachers showed up! (I'll pardon my French, Tech, and Science teachers since I didn't have enough tickets to give them)I'm pretty sure you can imagine me at the end of the performance looking around to see who showed up and not seeing anybody I invited from my school. But, nevertheless, all is forgiven. It turned out great. A LOT of people were in the audience. (LARGER than our most attended church service) It turned out really great! It was funny, enjoyable, and really impacting. I tried to post a picture (and video) from the play, but it wouldn't upload.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Persuasive Speech

"I noticed that a lot of people liked my speech and I thought that I would post it. Enjoy! (and leave comments!"    -Jeleesa
Turn It Down!
by Jeleesa

       "Could you turn it down! It's way too loud!" You hear it all the time, but do you ever take it into consideration? Do you ever stop and think about the long term effects of listening to loud music?
       Researchers from Harvard University conducted a study in 2006 and discovered that a person can safely listen to an Ipod for 4.6 hours a day at 70 percent maximum volume using stock earphones. But listening at full volume for more than 5 minutes a day increases the risk of hearing loss.
        Now, you might say "But it's not even that serious! I can hear perfectly fine as it is. Besides, loud music helps me think and stay alert."
        Sure it does...right now. But think of the long term effects. You won't always be able to depend on loud music. Much less, you may not even be able to hear it; and yes, contrary to thought, it is serious. It's your own hearing. Are you really willing to risk losing it?
       You need to take care of yourself now so you will benefit in the future. You should follow the healthy guidelines for listening to your Ipods and you should take other measures such as not attending rediculously loud concerts so often or exposing yourself to loud music.
       By protecting your ability to hear, you not only benefit yourself, but others around you. You won't constantly have to say "Huh?" or ask people to repeat themselves during conversations. Also, certain jobs require very good listening skills such as answering calls or taking someone's order.
       So let my words speak volumes to your deafening ears as I remind you to "Turn it down, so you can hear some sound!" Besides, you don't really want to wear a hearing aid in the future, do you?

P.S. I got an A when I presented it in class (even though I was really nervous). Thanks Mrs. Totten! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Black History

Voices of Civil Rights
Last class, my English teacher showed us a Civil Rights video. It was about how different people contributed to equal rights for African Americans. There were even teenagers and children in the marches and sit-ins. They mentioned a seven year old girl who went to an all white school and how she paved the way for desegregation of schools. I saw a movie about that. I forgot what it's called. Post a comment if you find the movie's name. (It was about a little black girl who went to an all white school for the first time)
Anyways, I thought the video was very moving, especially when the teenage African American boy was interviewed at the end on why he was in the protest march. The picture I posted just about says it all.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is this Monday and I bet everyone's excited. I am too, but I don't know if I'll give/get any candy. I remember the best Valentine's Day I had. My mom gave us a good amount of candy, bought 2 huge cartons of ice cream for us, and she also rented a whole bunch of classic (not old) movies to watch while she and my dad had their fun.
Me and my brother went crazy with the ice cream like we always do and had a lot of fun.
You don't have to have to have a significant other to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can do something kind for somebody to show love as well. Like, I was listening to the radio recently and they said that you can pay for somebody's meal in the drive-thru. If you want to try just go to and print out the activity.

My Favorite Def Poetry Episodes

I've never heard of Def Poetry before, but I liked these two videos because they were funny, insiteful and interesting. The first one is by Poetri and it is called Driving. The second one is by Sarah Kay and it is called Hands. I admire that these poets choose not to use profanity.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Road I've Traveled

The road I've traveled is full of adventure,
With beautiful stops on the way.
I take pictures and videos and enjoy them all
Wishing that I could forever stay.
Alas! Onward I must move, for the journey is far and wide
And wonderful experiences await.
The road I've traveled is still moving forward,
Until I pass the journey's ending gate.
By Me
P.S. Post a comment! Tell me what you think.