Friday, April 1, 2011

My Persuasive Speech

"I noticed that a lot of people liked my speech and I thought that I would post it. Enjoy! (and leave comments!"    -Jeleesa
Turn It Down!
by Jeleesa

       "Could you turn it down! It's way too loud!" You hear it all the time, but do you ever take it into consideration? Do you ever stop and think about the long term effects of listening to loud music?
       Researchers from Harvard University conducted a study in 2006 and discovered that a person can safely listen to an Ipod for 4.6 hours a day at 70 percent maximum volume using stock earphones. But listening at full volume for more than 5 minutes a day increases the risk of hearing loss.
        Now, you might say "But it's not even that serious! I can hear perfectly fine as it is. Besides, loud music helps me think and stay alert."
        Sure it does...right now. But think of the long term effects. You won't always be able to depend on loud music. Much less, you may not even be able to hear it; and yes, contrary to thought, it is serious. It's your own hearing. Are you really willing to risk losing it?
       You need to take care of yourself now so you will benefit in the future. You should follow the healthy guidelines for listening to your Ipods and you should take other measures such as not attending rediculously loud concerts so often or exposing yourself to loud music.
       By protecting your ability to hear, you not only benefit yourself, but others around you. You won't constantly have to say "Huh?" or ask people to repeat themselves during conversations. Also, certain jobs require very good listening skills such as answering calls or taking someone's order.
       So let my words speak volumes to your deafening ears as I remind you to "Turn it down, so you can hear some sound!" Besides, you don't really want to wear a hearing aid in the future, do you?

P.S. I got an A when I presented it in class (even though I was really nervous). Thanks Mrs. Totten! :)

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to see what you do with that beautiful brain of your's!